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  School-Based Management
.... and staff functions, educators and researchers alike have called for reforms that bring much of the administrative activity to the local school site. ....
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An overview of American schools
.... As Gleason (1996) asserts: After a long learning process, some school site councils today are beginning to focus on a number of issues related to improving ....
(3074 12 )

Computers in the Classroom
.... than a dozen different "libraries" located at various universities across the US contain articles on every topic related to the physical school site and its ....
(2171 9 )

Site-Based Management Problems in Schools CURRENT PROBLEMS IN SITE ...
.... Three respondents from each school site (the principal, Faculty Senate chair, and one teacher recommended to the researcher as knowledgeable of Faculty Senate ....
(8159 33 )

Organizing For Successful School-Based Management
.... 51). The authors concluded that the creation of school-site councils is typically the first step in SBM implementation. However ....
(1324 5 )

Role of the High School Principal
.... school to their own situation is sufficient to get personnel involved in school reform: "Most change is thrust upon people at the school site without regard ....
(1596 6 )

School climate and culture
.... Comunidad decided to locate their program in an area that was neutral territory for the various Latino and Asian gangs in the area: "The school site itself is ....
(3168 13 )

Oakland Museum Internet Site
.... As well, teachers rather than administrators at each school seem to have .... as video production, multimedia animation, newsletter production, and Web site design. ....
(983 4 )

Models of School Decision-Making
.... Blanchard and Karr-Kidwell (1995), for example, examined the attitudes of a sample of Texas school teachers involved in site-based management programs. ....
(2355 9 )

SBM & Public School Reform
.... local governance, structural reorganization, and systemic reform, the decentralization of decision-making authority to the school site "is one of the most ....
(5180 21 )

EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION: SITE-BASED MANAGEMENT Concern for the quality of the public school education that today's students are receiving has given rise to ....
(2986 12 )

Web Site Comparison
.... That particular site was interesting and fun, but I would have classified it more as a grade/high school level site than a high school/college site, which is ....
(1046 4 )

Site-Based Management
.... One such attempt at such a restructuring is known as site-based management or school-based management, a concept which "Attempts to raise the level of ....
(2375 10 )

Enforcing School Policy
.... However, while it is of course important to acknowledge the effect that principals and other high-ranking school site administrators have a vital role to play ....
(1076 4 )

Physical Education in Elementary School to Curb Obesity
.... education classes (Stevens, 2007, p. 1). Physical education programs must meet requirements outlined on the New York School Board Web site, in documents that ....
(2142 9 )

School Administrators
.... Of all the three articles, it is Youngerman (1998) who provided a perspective on how team building can be instituted throughout the entire school site. ....
(2243 9 )

School Based Management
.... school systems. Site-based management looked like a good idea when it was announced as the next cure for the modern school. I assumed ....
(2941 12 )

Web Site Comparison of History
.... abolished. The audience this web site appeared to be geared for was grade school children, although I found it interesting as well. Links ....
(1161 5 )

Critique of History Matters Web Site
.... I would think that a site that purports to be a high-school/college-level site would have, or at least link to, some core information, not just peripheral facts ....
(1013 4 )

Web Site Description
.... Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) library services are explained. The site offers lists of good places to look for lesson plans, tutorials on internet use ....
(533 2 )

Elementary Schools and the Internet:
.... of such computer wizardry as "video conferencing" and interactive compact disc (CD-I) teaching programs, considerations of school site connectivity, student ....
(1245 5 )

Cooperative learning
.... Hootstein's (1994) top three strategies, gathered from interviews with his student teachers and school site participants, are the following: (1) Have students ....
(1497 6 )

Liability Cases and Secondary School Principals
.... 2d 1175 [1998]), the Eastern District Court of Missouri ruled that a student's Web site which was critical of the school, the principal, and some teachers, was ....
(1398 6 )

Effective Classroom Accommodations for ADHD Students
.... were implemented for them during the 2001-2002 school year, and each took the Stanford 9 standardized testing that was administered at their school site in the ....
(5740 23 )

.... most of the responsibility for creating constructive environments in which students can thrive and learn; he conducts inspections of every school site at least ....
(1597 6 )

.... Further analysis of the middle school site revealed demographic changes such as population shifts, single parent families, and low socioeconomic status as ....
(2591 10 )

Two websites
.... by specialists. This site is good in that it covers a wide array of school health procedures and potential problems. From my perspective ....
(898 4 )

Review of Two Websites
.... by specialists. This site is good in that it covers a wide array of school health procedures and potential problems. From my perspective ....
(898 4 )

Kaiser/Kennedy School Poll-Sex Education in America
.... A staff member at one school that serves Desire would like to be able to offer counseling about birth-control methods through an on-site school clinic for kids ....
(9645 39 )

Internet Biz. Sites
.... Leadership SITE ONE: This site is the American Association of School Administrators Web site which is ....
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