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ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS Abstr. The purpose of this study will be to compare the effects of alternative schools and alternative programs. ....
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ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Abstract The purpose of this study will be to compare the effects of alternative schools and alternative programs. ....
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Ombudsman Alternative Education Programs
.... for the Project Ombudsman Alternative Education Programs .... All students enrolled in Ombudsman programs have been .... Liberty County (Georgia) Public Schools, and all ....
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.... These programs would include private schools, home schools, special education schools for gifted children, and so forth. In some cases, alternative education ....
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Students with Learning Disabilities
.... In addition, some of these students who have not been successful in any of the aforementioned programs have been placed in alternative schools (Lehr & Lange ....
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Saturday School Detention programs
.... Schools in the Middle, 3(3), 36-37. Thorbahn, KR (1995). Saturday school and ALEC: Alternative discipline programs. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ....
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.... The effects of high technology on two-year college programs. .... Retooling the schools. .... Alternative learning center teaches respect as well as discipline. ....
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Model Drug Intervention Programs Introdu
.... opportunity for effective drug use prevention in the schools, and resistance .... Alternative programs also include those that are designed to increase personal ....
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Alternative Energy Sources
.... in 1981 brought an end to these programs. .... of a package of these alternative energy sources. .... one of the strategic regions (Rothsublic high schools reported that ....
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Learning-Disabilities and Elementary Schools
.... Conclusion The ability of our schools to meet the needs of .... study of significant features of exemplary special alternative instructional programs. ....
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School Programs for Gifted Children
.... and the inclusion of gifted programs, is the .... the following: 64% agree that schools provide opportunities for .... An alternative view is presented by Renzulli, Baum ....
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Charter Schools
.... Charter schools are an alternative to traditional public .... and strong local control of these schools (NEA, 2004 .... for success in charter school programs and firmly ....
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Charter Schools
.... Charter schools are an alternative to traditional public .... and strong local control of these schools (NEA, 2004 .... for success in charter school programs and firmly ....
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Perceptions of Catholic Schools by Bishops & Priests
.... to seek federal aid for the schools (ie, increased lobbying activities). 4. Conduct in-depth studies of alternative religious education programs, and their ....
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.... engineering the transition from the training schools to community .... for the rehabilitation of youth offenders, programs that are often alternative to state or ....
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The Benefits and Deficits of Charter Schools
.... schools have begun to offer curriculum and programs for special .... It is noted that charter schools are structured to be one alternative option to ....
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Problem-Solving Program for Adolescents' Self-Concept
.... of educational programs serving students at risk for antisocial behavior, and research articles regarding alternative programs at middle and high schools. ....
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Teaching Creationism in Schools
Teaching Creationism in Schools. .... or not to teach creationism as an alternative view to .... educational program; after all, public educational programs should be ....
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Online and In-Person University Education: Alternative Including ...
.... The important point is that the alternative for online education these days seems to be .... Even the ivy league schools now offer online programs which may ....
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New American Schools
.... School Reform (CSR) involves programs that affect .... integration of subject matter, alternative assessment, and .... achievement in 25 elementary schools which began ....
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Dual Mission of Magnet Schools
.... racial isolation and providing high-quality educational programs. .... the 1960s as an alternative to involuntary .... These schools represented a voluntary attempt to ....
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.... Schools are presumed to be neutral and apolitical, however it is argued .... Traditional methods are not meeting these needs and alternative programs that consider ....
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SOS: Sustain Our Schools
.... an attempt to ignore an alternative to the .... to forego their private, secular schools - nor were they .... Dewey encouraged industrial arts programs, physical programs ....
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The Ecology Model of Inequality in Schools
.... their parents, no hope of an alternative school exists .... found dramatic differences in the schools in the .... Mississippi, there were no kindergarten programs and no ....
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Antagonism to Bilingual Education Programs
.... the whole program without having a real alternative. .... those who require bilingual education programs are indeed .... has been directed at the schools, and children ....
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Teaching Conflict Resolution to Teenagers
.... teenage violence before they initiate it into their schools. III. .... assessment of delinquency-related outcomes of alternative educational programs. ....
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Literacy Programs
.... within the classroom has been with literacy programs and inclusion. .... "One Size Doesn't Fit All.(alternative education .... Computers in the Schools, 13(1/2), 171-184.
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Alternative Sentencing
.... This means a drain on the budgets for schools, health care, and other public .... These and other alternative sentencing programs are described under the ....
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Telecommunications for Students
.... however. Conclusion The use of alternative computer programs in high schools has changed over the last several years. Word processing ....
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Punishment in Schools
.... to help students develop alternative positive behaviors .... modification approaches, successful schools tend to .... Therefore, behavior modification programs and social ....
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