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  Misleading Statistics of the Media
.... to 300,000 and no additional policies were required to handle the situation. .... News programs, can afford to hire statisticians to validate numbers reported. ....
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Family Situation & Academic Achievement NATURE OF THE STUDY ...
Family Situation & Academic Achievement NATURE OF THE STUDY Statement of th. .... (Alessandri, 1992, p. 417) Similar findings were reported by Prom-Jackson, Johnson ....
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ARTICLE SYNOPSIS Interactionist Decision-Making
.... making a decision) and situational factors (specific to the situation within which .... The purpose of the research study reported in the article synopsized in this ....
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The Educational Experience of Blacks
.... One thing that these teachers provide is a role model for their students, and this differs from the situation reported by Malcolm X in his memory of white ....
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Birth Order and Success in Organizational Management
.... The ability to analyze and take control of a situation is critical to success in .... Ornstein (1994) reported that birth order can affect personalities. ....
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Do not resuscitate Orders
.... situation. For example, Curtin (1994) reported on a situation in which an elderly woman entered the hospital with a fractured hip. She ....
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.... This is the situation that faces Nutritional Foods, and the steps that the .... the company sent two managers to the two counties where the problems were reported. ....
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Women, Children, and Poverty
.... However, 27 percent also reported worsening family relations (Sherman et al., 1998). Current Situation in New York State Many of the studies that are available ....
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Interactions & Friction in the Workplace
.... group. For example, O'Boyle (1991) reported on a situation in which Japanese managers supervised the work of US employees. The results ....
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School Leadership
.... Friedman, Krams, and Mattern (1991) reported on the management and evaluation of .... The teacher in question was involved in a situation which required leadership ....
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Arrestee Drug Test Results & Recidivism
.... Thus, 84.7 percent of the sample were not in a marriage type situation. .... for the generalizability of the findings and conclusions of the study reported in the ....
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Juvenile Crime & Gangs It is generally believed that police are ...
.... Further, none of these students reported prior or current gang membership by their .... or because they are part of a social class - is the situation the result of ....
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Chiapas Rebellion in Mexico
.... coverage in Mexico and around the world, most of which was critical of the Mexican government's handling of the situation, including reported executions and ....
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Global Child Labor Practices
.... John Berlau (1997) reported on the situation in Bangladesh which received attention for its use of children in the garment industry. ....
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Hiroshima Radiation Effects
.... The situation has received such little attention that only recently children of .... based on deleterious health effects of the bombing reported in medical studies ....
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Increase in US Divorce Rate
.... to those victims of divorce who have the least control over the situation. .... Based on theoretical data reported in the literature, the researchers formulated a ....
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Child Abuse: An Analysis
.... families, and parental alcohol or drug abuse are also common in reported cases .... that the child will elect to run away rather than confront the abusive situation. ....
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Teaching At-Risk Students
.... angle, there are researchers who recommend good use of new technologies to improve the situation of at-risk children. Janet Coburn (1999) reported on one of ....
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Violence in city schools
.... has lost control of the situation. Thus students may report incidences of crime to school administrators but these incidents never get reported to the police ....
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.... Situation Analysis Such a situation happened in Venezuela in the 1980s when its Venezuelan subsidiary, under the management of Raphael Henao, reported a loss. ....
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School Leadership and Student Transformation
.... student achievement, since students are able to learn in any situation. .... Lashway (2001) reported that schools must deal with external accountability systems and ....
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Birth Order & Success in Management Purpose of the Study
.... To completely eliminate this possibility, no findings will be reported that apply to .... of responses provided do not appear to fit your situation exactly, however ....
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.... Regardless of the character of the moonlighting situation, however, extra-shift .... Moonlighting Arcuri, Gunn, and Lester (1987, p. 210) reported that moonlighting ....
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The Central Concepts in Child Abuse
.... in the proposed study is the incidence of the problem as reported by the .... each strategy (eg, removal of the child from the abusive situation, parenting classes ....
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Homeless in the United States
.... The Homeless Family Situation That the numbers of homeless families are increasing .... The Conference of Mayors (1987) reported that homeless families face related ....
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Self-Talk & Anxiety Disorders in Children
.... They were never to allow him to avoid the situation either. .... He reported that he felt much, much better and "hardly ever" felt afraid. ....
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Sexually Abused Girls & Delinquency
.... with the subject demographics of: grade level, ethnicity, living situation, highest grade .... of time the abuse lasted; whether the abuse was reported; the length ....
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A Discussion of Child Abuse
.... There are more than three million alleged victims of child abuse reported to child .... the child will elect to run away rather than confront the abusive situation. ....
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Birth Order and Success
.... to vary according to organization, an organization's mission, and the situation in which .... The conclusions of such studies reported in the literature frequently ....
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Hidden Victims of Domestic Violence
.... the different concepts attached to the meaning of the emotions reported - fear, betrayal .... the particular needs of lesbian women in a domestic violence situation. ....
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