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  Assaults on Worker Benefits
.... and costs. In actuality, however, this situation reported in this article concerns the supply of and the demand for labor. In the ....
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ARTICLE SYNOPSIS Interactionist Decision-Making
.... making a decision) and situational factors (specific to the situation within which a .... The purpose of the research study reported in the article synopsized in ....
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Agreement Between UAL & Machinists
.... of the theory of supply and demand generally, and aggregate demand and supply more specifically, is necessary to under the situation reported in the article. ....
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Music Therapy: An Article Critique
.... The author described in the article the situation for elderly patients in .... the music therapy addressed in the research reported in the article, may create an ....
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It Outsourcing: Article Analysis
It Outsourcing: Article Analysis Synopsis of Topic Singh (2003 .... of Great Britain, Singh (20030 reported that relatively .... Dell's situation vis-a-vis China and its ....
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Non-Document Factors in Document Organization
.... 6) constraints, and (7) understanding of the situation within which .... were pursued through the conduct of the research reported in the article: 1. Describe ....
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.... not make clear exactly what the research reported in this .... By reading the entire article, one may deduce that .... would not look favorably upon a situation in which ....
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Arrestee Drug Test Results & Recidivism
.... 84.7 percent of the sample were not in a marriage type situation. .... the generalizability of the findings and conclusions of the study reported in the article. ....
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Public Drinking of College Youths & Prevention Programs
.... in the article for the desirability of conducting the research reported in the article. .... beliefs, and experiences that people bring to a situation, ie, that ....
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Discharge of Hospitalized Elderly
.... literature review develops a logical argument for the existence of a situation that supports to the stated purpose of the pilot study reported in the article. ....
(2152 9 )

Family Situation & Academic Achievement NATURE OF THE STUDY ...
Family Situation & Academic Achievement NATURE OF THE .... Language: English Document Type: JOURNAL ARTICLE Composite Age .... to be comparable to those reported in the ....
(8299 33 )

Parental Grief Following Pregnancy Loss
.... in control of and less threatened by the situation. .... was a statement included in the article indicating that .... It has long been reported in the literature that ....
(729 3 )

End-of-Life Care: and Nurses
.... They reported that their education was inadequate for this .... While the article content was not directly applicable .... also found in any patient situation and must ....
(523 2 )

Milieu Therapy
.... professional nurse, patient abuse is not simply a situation that demands .... The article reported on the behavior differences, in this context, between geriatric ....
(1227 5 )

Domestic Violence Screening
.... of the study reported in the article is that .... 25 states require arrest when a reported domestic dispute .... have control over the domestic violence situation to the ....
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Bystander Intervention
.... It seems equally clear that the situation could be .... Attachment relationships are reported to be an important part .... While the article allows for the inclusion of ....
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.... The background for both the practice reported in the article and the motivation for publishing the article is the health insurance situation in the United ....
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Auction Rate Securities and UBS
.... In a related article, New Yorker Bruce Coughlin is reported as discovering .... likely that other ethical issues involved in the situation were not reported. ....
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Birth Order and Success
.... will tend to vary according to organization, an organization's mission, and the situation in which .... The literature, as reported in the article indicated that ....
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Internal and External Organization Theory Issues
.... the organization should respond to the situation identified in .... The selected article was written by NR Helms (2004 .... Helms (2004) reported that in key states such ....
(878 4 )

Jews in the Middle East
.... Soviet officials are reported as having promised that the government would take action to correct the situation. .... The article seems sympathetic to the plight of ....
(1295 5 )

Water Allocation Policy
.... a sufficient justification for the consideration of this situation as a .... A weakness of the application of the research model reported in the article was the ....
(1079 4 )

Effects of Race on Organizational Experience
.... management continue to face discrimination barriers in some organizations, that situation does not .... The research reported in the article provided, according ....
(726 3 )

Dilemma in the Workplace
.... I immediately reported my boss to her supervisor .... solution, because it left the situation unresolved, with .... ....
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The Glass Ceiling and Women
.... The authors presented in the article the findings of .... management, much of the research reported in the .... fails to identify the causal factors for this situation. ....
(7278 29 )

Punishment in School
.... need to be addressed in order to improve the discipline situation at schools .... As confirmed by research sttdies reported in Cotton's article, well-disciplined ....
(1480 6 )

Punishment in Schools
.... need to be addressed in order to improve the discipline situation at schools .... As confirmed by research sttdies reported in Cotton's article, well-disciplined ....
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Press Coverage During Truman's Administration
.... Time magazine dutifully reported the article, and again .... reactions of government officials ("Foreign Relations" 22-3). By June 1948, a situation in Berlin ....
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Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve System
.... The most significant portion of Galbraith's (2001) article in the context of .... The Current Economic Situation and the Fed Despeignes (2001) reported in March ....
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.... administration are not doing anything to alleviate the situation. .... Sanger & Gordon 1) The article, however, also .... The CNN headline news also reported that Sharon ....
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