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traditional western approaches
.... gains by implementing these techniques; others abandoned them while others maintained the names, but reverted to traditional Western approaches to quality ....
(3048 12 )

Non-Western Alternative Medicine
Non-Western alternative medicine includes the approaches and techniques of healers working outside traditional Western medicine, and include ancient healing ....
(1540 6 )

Two Theories of Multi Cultural Counseling
.... can comfortably adapt their theories and methods to traditional Western therapies, schools of .... the general nature and orientation of the two approaches is that ....
(2797 11 )

Western Influences on Chinese Painting
The traditional view of Western influences on .... Instead they involve the assimilation of techniques and approaches from Western art that were integrated into ....
(1767 7 )

Issues Affecting Non-Traditional Learning Environments
.... Application of Traditional Approaches to Teaching in Non .... in order to help Case Western University students .... have the same drawbacks as traditional computer-based ....
(2607 10 )

.... old concepts of organization and their traditional ideas of .... to the rest of the rich world Western world .... This particular analysis approaches the data in the case ....
(2380 10 )

EE Evans-Pritchard
.... However, even in the most Western, most technologically advanced societies today, non-traditional approaches to illness and healing are becoming more popular. ....
(1495 6 )

Buddhism and Alternative Counseling Strategies
.... In the traditional Buddhist view, suffering is caused by three .... and body that is often expressed in Western medical and psychological approaches may not be ....
(1947 8 )

History of Physical Education in the US
.... of athletic-types versus non-athletic types, such approaches fostered a .... 2003) maintains, ôThe embodied mind challenges traditional Western philosophy that has ....
(1210 5 )

Comparative politics Different theoretical approaches
.... whether or not those approaches have been .... The traditional approach had several shortcomings which were .... not only with nondemocratic Western political systems ....
(2430 10 )

.... Some Western banks have entered into joint ventures .... direct operations, UBS is a traditional financial institution .... the future payment, which approaches the realm ....
(2136 9 )

Nietzsche and Mill on Will
.... life? In what sense is Nietzsche critical of traditional western philosophical and religious approaches to morality? Nietzsche consistently ....
(1152 5 )

Intellectual Movements and Holistic Perspectives
.... philosophy that embodies a variety of different approaches to clinical .... Holistic healthcare differs from traditional Western medical models that regard disease ....
(1860 7 )

Anti-homosexual Sentiment in Western Societies
.... anti-homosexual sentiment in Western societies is .... form of complicity with these homophobic approaches. .... Such actions challenge traditional negative reactions to ....
(2266 9 )

Doing Business in Japan
.... has been a new Japanese willingness to accept Western approaches to doing .... This imbalance reflects the traditional Japanese division between the sexes: men work ....
(1577 6 )

Doing Business in the Japanese Market
.... has been a new Japanese willingness to accept Western approaches to doing .... This imbalance reflects the traditional Japanese division between the sexes: men work ....
(1577 6 )

Holistic Healthcare
.... philosophy that embodies a variety of different approaches to clinical .... biological responses." Holistic nursing differs from traditional Western medical models ....
(5200 21 )

.... Traditional Chinese values and Chinese psychology affect Chinese perceptions and approaches to conflict resolution .... than are their Western counterparts in ....
(1713 7 )

Differences in Japanese & US Companies
.... Traditional feminine characteristics, such as careful listening and conciliatory .... increasing numbers of Japanese are studying Western approaches to business and ....
(4938 20 )

Civil Society and Protest in China
.... concept to China, using such Western approaches with "more .... argues, are shaped by traditional parochial ties .... must, therefore differ from Western examples (298). ....
(4253 17 )

.... This enables the company to use highly emotional approaches that might .... standards, with mats used for sleeping rather than traditional Western beds, tables are ....
(7749 31 )

Ethics and Business
.... This is in contrast to non-Western approaches which frame .... Western society has evolved to a point where .... It is a work that confronts traditional religion and ....
(10049 40 )

Chinese Medical Thought
.... a plurality of concepts and practical approaches (260 .... by their perception of Western medicine's future .... In marked contrast, Traditional medicine had always been ....
(1209 5 )

Islam Turkey & The Arab World
.... time of its liberal and Western-leaning ruler .... stands in stark contrast to traditional Arab world .... Turkish authorities attempt different approaches to maintain ....
(1254 5 )

Approach of Islamic Law to Criminal Justice This study seeks to ...
.... and present development of Shari'a ("Islamic Law") approaches to criminal .... Law By the nineteenth century, however, the traditional Western understanding of ....
(9647 39 )

Abstract The decision making process in Japanese
.... extraordinary conformity which has been the hallmark of the traditional company training .... This is in contrast to Western approaches in which meetings are held ....
(6358 25 )

Approaches to Evaluating Effective Teaching
.... The six approaches presented here offer six different .... McGreal's approach is the most traditional and accepted of the .... at the University of Western Australia at ....
(2974 12 )

Alternative Healing
.... Alternative approaches to illness insist upon a more .... upon moving away from western medicine's more .... "Native American medicine: Traditional healing." Journal of ....
(4481 18 )

Philosophical Approaches to Issue of Values Values are something ...
.... Different philosophical approaches to the issue may find varied .... we can assume that the Western mind is .... Adams notes that traditional theology is no longer an ....
(3800 15 )

Anthropological Analysis of Alternative Healing
.... Anthropological approaches to healing highlight what various cultures .... In "Role adaptation: Traditional curers under the impact of western medicine" David ....
(4396 18 )

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