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  Crime & Punishment Speech
.... dilapidated urban areas? Presently, our dilapidated urban cities act as a feeding ground for our prison systems. Lacking the resources ....
(600 2 )

Public Transp. Security
.... However, over the past two decades, particularly in high crime neighborhoods in urban cities, riding the bus has become a security risk especially in the minds ....
(1956 8 )

Juvenile Justice
.... Such issues as high drug use, high crime, poor education and limited occupational opportunities in impoverished urban cities where a high percentage of US ....
(2349 9 )

Urban Govt. Practitioners
.... alternatives and approaches to political administration are not possible in ways that will help resolve or ameliorate these growing trends in our urban cities. ....
(642 3 )

Functional Changes in Urban Economics
.... phenomenon. Many of the jobs from the inner cities of these older urban areas did not simply move the their suburbs. Rather, they ....
(1085 4 )

Migration to Urban Centers
.... However, as witnessed from the essays in Urban Life, the reality of the cities for immigrants is often less than the promise of the lure. ....
(947 4 )

Urban Theory
.... 3. The economic transformation of world cities in the global economy theory of urban planning, that it has increased poverty, increased the wealthy, and ....
(755 3 )

Role of Corporations in Urban Community Development
.... The critical issue that this article examines is the crushing problem of poverty in America's inner cities. Urban areas are plagued by rampant drug traffic ....
(815 3 )

Oakland: Urban Blacks and Privileged Whites
.... the idea that politicization of urban blacks came about in a context of white flight on one hand and ghettoization and impoverishment of inner cities on the ....
(797 3 )

Residential Building Construction in the US
.... the nineties. As the technology boom began to heat up our economy, the bulk of the growth occurred in urban cities. This led to ....
(1062 4 )

Problems of Inner Cities
.... As cities grew larger and larger, and as the minority population swelled within the urban environment, an increasing amount of middle and upper middle class ....
(2252 9 )

Urban Issues in Miami
.... The state is split between the segregated urban poverty of cities like Miami and Orlando and the crushing rural poverty that marks communities from Northern ....
(2959 12 )

Urban Planning & Development in NYC & LA
.... The paper will also explore urban planning in both cities and compare the problems which resulted from a lack of urban planning. ....
(2658 11 )

Nature of Urban Planning
.... This act brought smaller and poorer cities into the picture because the federal government provided the funds for urban planning. ....
(1962 8 )

Crime in Inner Cities & Community Policing
.... Skogan, a Northwestern University professor of political science and urban affairs, examines a .... The studies covered forty inner-city areas in six cities overall ....
(1496 6 )

American Cities Fusfeld and Bates iden
.... corporations have shifted job opportunities not only from central cities to suburbs, but also from manufacturing centers to smaller urban locations scattered ....
(1453 6 )

Ideal Cities of Wright & Le Corbusier Frank Lloyd Wright and Le ...
.... Lloyd Wright and Le Cor. Two Ideal Cities Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier were both visionary architects and urban planners. ....
(1459 6 )

Business Elites & Urban Development
.... that is made in controlling urban development by business elites is primarily the difference that government can make. Highly competitive cities, desperate for ....
(1350 5 )

Africa's Population Problems
.... In post-colonial Ghana, the greatest effort has been directed to developing the coastal cities, favoring urban areas over rural regions (Arthur). ....
(1238 5 )

Technology "Have Nots" in Rural and Urban America
.... gathered statistics were incomplete with regard to the geographic locations of households û whether the households were rural, urban or central cities û as ....
(418 2 )

The Renaissance
.... Labor was scarce, the economy stagnated, industry contracted, and the 15th century saw a modest recovery with construction of palaces for urban cities, a boom ....
(1094 4 )

The Renaissance Culture & Writers
.... Labor was scarce, the economy stagnated, industry contracted, and the 15th century saw a modest recovery with construction of palaces for urban cities, a boom ....
(1094 4 )

.... "Urban renewal" destroyed apartments, rooming houses and residential hotels in inner cities, and replaced them with more expensive housing. ....
(3390 14 )

Obligations of Urban Citizenship
.... Safety is a primary obligation for urban citizenship. .... This shows responsibility on the part of the citizens for keeping their cities safe and inhabitable. ....
(826 3 )

.... The effect was seen most strongly in local government, with many cities introducing the .... off from any chance of expanding its reach into the urban working class ....
(509 2 )

Rural-urban conflicts on Western Asia (1100-1700)
.... Hourani says that "in most of the peripheral provinces, . . . control by the local government and its urban allies did not extend far from the cities" (252). ....
(1630 7 )

.... Kelley believes only the multicultural underclass and not identity politics and a fractured Left can cure the ills of urban cities. ....
(1708 7 )

Youth and Gangs
.... The lack of such social institutions designed to help support youth development in many minority populations and urban cities is something Rodriguez questions ....
(982 4 )

Underclass Marx Minorities
.... stuck there. With respect to African American minorities and urban cities in America, this is particularly true. African Americans ....
(1649 7 )

Urban Transformation Addams & Plunkett
.... George Washington Plunkitt and Jane Addams During the major urban transformation occurring .... on how to handle different levels of change in cities like Chicago ....
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