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  Article Analysis on International PeaceBuilding
.... this as evidence that ethnic diversity does not mean that a war would be difficult to settle. 5. Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths of the article and study were ....
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News article analysis
News article analysis. .... At this point, news reports indicating that the American economy may be in one of the longest recessions since World War II are likely to ....
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Civil war in Afghanistan
.... 69). The article does not see much hope for an end to the war but notes how badly the country needs certain kinds of aid. She mentions ....
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The Media and World War II
.... century. Compared to many of the articles which had been published prior to the war, this article took a more derogatory tone. There ....
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Article Critique: "The Perils of Obedience"
.... Article Critique: "Misperception and the Causes . . ." "Misperception and the Causes of War: Theoretical Linkages and Analytical Problems" by Levy (1983 ....
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Rasons leading to World War II
.... attributed to it fro World War I under Article 231 and the necessity of making compensation to the civilian populations injured in the war under Article 232. ....
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Tour of Duty & the Vietnam War
.... The article is effective in that acknowledgement, although it does not deal with .... the American people never really supported the Vietnam War, never understood ....
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.... analysis presented in this paper is on the fiscal policy aspects of the article. .... The Bush Administration decided to go to war in Iraq (they knew where Saddam ....
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WWI Great Britain
.... Commission on the Responsibility of the Authors of War, Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles, 1918. Balfour, J. The Balfour Declaration. Nov 2, 1917. ....
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Presidential War Powers
.... 1973 War Powers Act Throughout the years, presidents have used Article II of the US Constitution to dominate the process of initiating and waging war. ....
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Lysistrata and Iraq War
.... Jeff Mackler in his article ôStrategy and Tactics in the New Anti-War Movemento borrows the mass protest idea and further urges that a united front is ....
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Lysistrata and War Today
.... Jeff Mackler in his article ôStrategy and Tactics in the New Anti-War Movemento borrows the mass protest idea and further urges that a united front is ....
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Al Jazeera
.... Using cognitive consistency theory and statistical analysis of cable TV viewers during the Iraq War, the article shows that the biased, opinion-oriented, and ....
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Economic Theory & IBM Carroll, PB "Hurt By A Pricing War, IBM Pla
.... War, IBM Plans Write Off and Cut of 10,000 Jobs." The Wall Street Journal, 6 December 1989, A1, A8. This research critiques the above referenced article in the ....
(1920 8 )

Article Critique: The Consensus Model of Democracy
Article Critique: The Consensus Model of Democracy Summary The problem proposed by the .... only exclude minority groups but it can lead to problems such as war. ....
(636 3 )

Slavery: Civil War Era, The Issue That Divided America
.... personal political ambitions may have done as much to promote the war as the Supreme Court, the Abolitionists and slave owners. Bibliography: Article IV: US ....
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Doctrine of Executive War Time Powers
.... In the US Constitution, Article I, Section 8 definitively states that it is the Congress that has the power "to declare war," "to raise and support armies ....
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Article Critique: International Political Economy
.... sells" to the American public, it is possible that a protracted war against terrorism .... American interest in foreign policy is introduced in this article, but it ....
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Powers of the Executive in Times of War
.... In the US Constitution, Article I, Section 8 definitively states that it is the Congress that has the power "to declare war," "to raise and support armies ....
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Pre-Second World War Neutrality in the US
.... Article XVI held that, should a nation go to war without first resorting to arbitration or the World Court, all other member nations agree immediately to ....
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Civil War Financing
.... Congress also raised tariff rates and levied a tax on every manufactured article. These war financing efforts by the Union actually represent the first ....
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Losing the Drug War
.... objections to the legalization of drugs and the end of the war on drugs .... Every time a TV news program or newspaper article reports police corruption, it cannot ....
(1459 6 )

US National Security Processes
.... Article I, Section 8 gives Congress the power to declare war, raise and support armies, provide and maintain a navy, and make rules for the government and ....
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NATO Success and Failure in an Evolving Relations
.... NATO had won its first war. Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty, the founding document of NATO, provides that: The Parties agree that an armed attack ....
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The Power of Journalism
.... November 30, 2005 speech on Iraq as published in that paper on December 1 in the article entitled ôBush Presents Plan to Win Iraq War.o This article will be ....
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.... Under the American occupation (1945-1951), Japan adopted a new constitution in 1947 under Article 9 of which Japan pledged "to forever renounce war as a ....
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Women and the Civl War
.... This article posits a war-within-a-war owing to the special personality of Appalachian highlanders, focusing on the problems of military recruitment and ....
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.... article 8.2(a); (c) war crimes arising in international armed conflict, within the framework of international law (Article 8.2(b); war crimes arising in ....
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Breaking and Making of the State
.... Desch, this article also uses references with illustrative examples to support views and conclusions, however King presents the view of the benefits of war in ....
(923 4 )

History of Brazil Since the End of the Cold War I - Introdu
.... end of the Cold War", simply because the "end of the Cold War" was not .... II - Brazil's Economy Jim Rohwer, writing in The Economist, titled his article on Brazil ....
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