Information Technology in Education



The literature indicates that early childhood education may benefit from the introduction of information technology into the teaching process. Benefits in student motivation and achievement may be attained through the application of interactive multimedia software and hardware. Efficiency in instructional management may be improved through the application of database software and appropriate hardware.

A proposal is made for a grant to fund the acquisition of the software and hardware necessary to support an experimental application of information technology in the conduct of early childhood education. Product evaluations and costs are included in the proposal.

This proposal seeks funding for appropriate information science software and hardware to support the activities of one of the Children's Centers operated by the Child Development Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The educational philosophy of the Child Development Division is based on the interactionist learning model of child development. This model recognizes that children move through stages of development based upon their knowledge and experiences. It is also recognized that a child's cognitive, linguistic, and socioemotional learning occurs through a child's interactions with both adults and peers, and through the use of challenging material



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