LASER EYE SURGERY This research paper investigate

This research paper investigates laser eye surgery and why it is better than conventional surgery. Included in the presentation is a discussion of the following: replacement of conventional eye surgery, what laser surgery is, patient criteria, how it works, what type of laser works best, the technology used, and advantages and disadvantages.

The future of ophthalmology includes the increased usage of laser eye surgery for the prevention and cure of many eye conditions, as well as the replacement of conventional eye surgery for safer and more effective results. For example, by the year 2020, it is predicted that blindness will affect 90 million people, and glaucoma is one leading cause of blindness. Argon laser trabeculoplasty is reported to be safe and effective for initial therapy of primary open-angle glaucoma, resulting in reduction in intraocular pressure and improved visual fields and acuity. Laser screening for retinal disease leads to early detection and improvement in patient prognosis; this screening has allowed for the establishment of efficacy of laser photocoagulation surgery for the notable prevention of visual loss. Refractive surgery, initially done with conventional surgical techniques, now being rapidly and successfully replaced with laser technology, will be the focus of this report (ADA, 2000, p. S73; Frankel, 1995, p. 1699; Jones, 1999, p. 1303; Thylefors, 1999, p. S44).

Replacement of Conventional Eye Surgery



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