Research Proposal on College Academic Performance

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Disagreement is present in the literature in relation to the impact of residence on the academic performance of college and university students. Almost all studies reported in the literature report on investigations of firstyear collegiate experiences. Some of the reported studies investigated narrowly defined segments of student populations, and many failed to assess intervening variables such as academic ability.

Brody (1988, pp. 347359) found that earlyentry freshmen who commuted to classes performed at a higher academic level than did students who lived on campus. Earlyentry students, however, are younger (at times substantially so) that the typical firstyear college student. Thus, it would not be prudent to generalize this finding to the broader firstyear collegiate population.

Schroeder and Griffin (1976, pp. 159161) found that firstyear students living on campus performed better academically than did commuter students. The resident student sample, however, was comprised of students enrolled in an engineering education program who were housed in an on campus residence hall specifically dedicated to engineering students. Again, therefore, it would not be prudent to generalize this finding to the broader firstyear collegiate population.

A wide variety of factors hold the potential to affect the academic performance of firstyear students. These factors include ac

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