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As advances in psychology reveal more and more about the inner working of the human psyche, it appears many significant factors affect the development of the human personality. With regard to traditional fields of development theory which often were in competition with one another, it appears today that all major fields of development theory may combine in order to give us a fuller understanding of the human mind. It now appears that a host of influences are at work in the formulation of self-concept, including environmental, biological and psychological factors. Nonetheless, outmoded scientific paradigms may be preventing us from understanding the process more fully, “One of the largest gaps in research is the sustained investigation of a host of factors that socialize young people’s cognitive activity. Perhaps this gap reflect a psychological-determinist slant; whatever the reason, many questions of pressing importance have generated little research activity” (Keating 85). This is particularly true with regard to how the socialization process tends to engender different self-concepts within individuals and between the genders.

Where self-esteem is concerned, males and females tend to differ to quite a degree. Women in general place more importance on appearance for their self-esteem than men, and they are more likely to be displeased with their appearance. This creates a lower self-esteem in women and a host of reasons may

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