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Case Study in Incest

This paper consisted of two primary parts: a) the synopsis that offered a concise summary of the project on the topic of incest; and b) the project itself. The discussion involved my personal reflections on the topic of incestùa topic of human sexuality, which is highly challenging to me, both as an individual and as a future therapist. In this exploration of the topic, I interviewed my motherùan incest survivorùto obtain first-hand information about the impact of her trauma and her recovery process. Furthermore, I delved into my response regarding my mother's experiences and their impact on me. Although my mother's experiences had made me more determined than ever to help incest victims, they also engendered my outrage against my mother's stepfather, as well as other sexual offenders. The latter half of the paper thus included the integration of the class readings with my interview findings, which provided me with strategies to address this issue from the point of view of a therapist. These readings were important not only in teaching me about available therapeutic techniques to help incest victims and survivors, but also modifying my negative perspectives of sexual offenders. Instead of seeing them as depraved monsters, I began to see them as victims of an uncontrollable sexual momentum. Thus, in order to contribute to the effort against incest, I need to overcome my prejudices in order to provide help to these individuals and prevent them from hurting other children.

In this project, the topic of incest was examined from both personal and theoretical perspectives. I have deliberately chosen the topic of incest in order to confront an issue that is deeply troubling to me as an individual and thus may undermine my desire to help all types of clients in my future career as a therapist. My intense feelings about the topic of incest and aversion against sexual offenders of incestuous acts originate from my recent kno...

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