Leadership and Ethics

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Leaders must model ethical behaviors to create an ethical culture that helps to develop ethical behavior in employees and increase employee job satisfaction. Barnett and Vaicys (2000) reported that perceptions moderate ethical judgments and behavioral intentions and Barnett and SchubertŠ(2002) pointed out that it is important that employees perceive an ethical work climate since it affects ethical judgments and behavioral intentions.Š It is therefore important that employees perceive leaders as fair, encouraging, considerate, and supportive. This perception is enhanced or decreased by leader communication to employees. Employee perceptions of ethical behavior in leaders must be interpreted along with their interpretations of leadership communication of ethical attitudes to avoid negative consequences such of employee dissatisfaction (Zhu, May, & Avolio, 2004).

The problem is that perceptions of ethical leadership in an organization are important for employee job satisfaction and leader communication may influence these perceptions. Further, employee perceptions of leadership behavior and communication may differ from leader perceptions of these factors. Thus, it is equally important to understand how employees and managers view manager behavior and communication within a business. It is therefore important to understand the relationship between employee perceptions of manager behavior and communication and job satis

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