Literature Review: Total Quality Management and Six Sigma

Introduction to the Literature Review

This literature review provides support for a scholarly study that will investigate the effects on organizational productivity and profitability of the implementation and functioning of high-profile management systems. While there is a plethora of high-profile management systems, the study which this literature review supports will be concerned specifically with two high-profile management systems - Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma.

Literature is reviewed that develops relevant information on the history, development, applications, and effectiveness of the TQM and Six Sigma high-profile management systems. With respect to the effectiveness of the management systems in relation to organizational productivity and profitability, literature also is reviewed in relation to employee job satisfaction/dissatisfaction. Employee job satisfaction, as well as employee dissatisfaction, is a contributor to both organizational productivity and organizational profitability.

While the high-profile management systems of greatest relevance to the study which this literature review will support are TQM and Six Sigma, other high-profile management systems also are reviewed. As the development of most high-profile management systems tends to be interrelated with the development of other high-profile management systems, including other high-profile management systems when relevant in the review of TQM and Six Sig



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