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Literature Review: Total Quality Management and Six Sigma

Introduction to the Literature Review

This literature review provides support for a scholarly study that will investigate the effects on organizational productivity and profitability of the implementation and functioning of high-profile management systems. While there is a plethora of high-profile management systems, the study which this literature review supports will be concerned specifically with two high-profile management systems - Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma.

Literature is reviewed that develops relevant information on the history, development, applications, and effectiveness of the TQM and Six Sigma high-profile management systems. With respect to the effectiveness of the management systems in relation to organizational productivity and profitability, literature also is reviewed in relation to employee job satisfaction/dissatisfaction. Employee job satisfaction, as well as employee dissatisfaction, is a contributor to both organizational productivity and organizational profitability.

While the high-profile management systems of greatest relevance to the study which this literature review will support are TQM and Six Sigma, other high-profile management systems also are reviewed. As the development of most high-profile management systems tends to be interrelated with the development of other high-profile management systems, including other high-profile management systems when relevant in the review of TQM and Six Sigma enhances one's understanding of the role of TQM and Six Sigma in organizational performance.

The Development and Application of High-Profile Management Systems with an Emphasis on TQM and Six Sigma

Quality improvement is sought in contemporary organizations through the implementation of strategies based on concepts with names such as TQM, CQI (continuous quality improvement), ISO 9000, Six Sigma, and others. These various concepts are highly interrelated, and quality improvement...

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