Case Study: Bipolar I Disorder

This research paper will present a case analysis of a client with Bipolar I disorder. The case is presented followed by the definition and diagnosis, and symptoms and course of Bipolar I, and three different therapeutic approaches for treating this disorder.

The client for this case analysis is a 33-year-old Caucasian female. She is married and has three young children. She is unemployed and stays in the home caring for her children. The patient has a history of manic and mixed episodes of mania and depression; she has been hospitalized for manic episodes that led to marked impairment in her functioning. She currently presents symptoms of a mixed episode. She alternates between mania and depression. Mania is characterized by elevated and irritable mood with feelings of inflated self-esteem, decreased sleep needs, racing thoughts, and extreme talkativeness. This is followed by symptoms of depressed mood with a loss of appetite, fatigue, lack of interest in caring for herself or her children, inability to sleep, and marked feelings of worthlessness. She has been prescribed lithium in the past but fails to comply with her treatment and reports that it doesn't help her much. She was able to function while taking her medication but stopped compliance three weeks ago. In addition she is faced with a current life-stressor, her mother being diagnosed with cancer.

The client was brought to therapy by her husband who is fear



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