Error Analysis of Second Language Learners

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I. Error Analysis and Error Correction Defined

G. Inter/intra/developmental errors.

II. Is error-making a sin or a learning device?

A. From behaviorist to communicative methodologies.

A. Linguistic differences and similarities in analysis.

B. Contrastive analysis vs error analysis.

IV. Error analysis and error correction

A. The student as locus of learning.

B. Thematic vs paradigmatic teaching.


Error analysis and error correction defined

In applied linguistics, error analysis is "the study of patterns of errors. Analysts have proposed six kinds of error, arising from inaccurate learning, inaccurate teaching, wrong guessing, poor memory, the influence of the mother tongue, and the process of learning." S. Pit Corder in the U.K. dichotomized between error (a failure in competence, a systemic fault) and mistake (a flaw in performance in

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