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Comparison of Throne of Blood to Macbeth

The artefact I have chosen to examine is the Japanese film Throne of Blood by Akira Kurosawa (1957).

What I want to find out about the artefact is how it compares with its source material, William shakespeare's play Macbeth.

The method selected to accomplish this is Generic Criticism, examining how the two versions of the same story address the needs of the rhetorical situation. In this instance, I will examine the play Macbeth for its plot, themes, characters, and events, then to do the same with the film Throne of Blood. The comparison to be made takes place on two basic levels:

1) direct comparison of characters and events to see what was changed and what was not; and

2) thematic comparison to see if the two are compatible in terms of underlying meaning even if details have been altered.

This requires analyzing the two works in terms of their form and content, meaning analyzing the play Macbeth in dramatic terms and the film Throne of Blood in film terms. This is especially important given that the film expresses itself visually while the play does so linguistically (and this would be true even if the film were in English rather than Japanese). The film will be analyzed in terms of kinetic movement, editing, juxtaposition of images, and also in the dramatic terms of character, plot, conflict, and resolution.

The concept of adaptation will be analyzed in terms of meaning, method, and specific results in this instance to show how the conventions of one medium have been translated and adapted for another and how successfully this change has been made.

The rhetorical situations in each will be compared to see how they were answered by the "author" in each case and how the rhetoric of the play was adapted to the needs of film. The organizing principle of each work will be determined and the two compared.

Criticism on each of the works has been analyzed to determine the kind of message each has conv...

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