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The purpose of this research is to present a financial statement analysis of General Mills. Included in this analysis are (1) a product, market, and industry overview, (2) a revenue and profit analysis, (3) a liquidity analysis, (4) an assessment of financial condition, and (5) an assessment the company's equity stock.


General Mills is a consumer foods conglomerate corporation. The company's principal functional markets are (1) packaged foods sold through supermarkets, and (2) prepared foods served in companyowned restaurants. Geographically, the company sells its packaged foods both domestically and internationally. Its restaurant operations, however, are limited to the United States and Canada.

Both the packaged foods and restaurant industries are highly competitive. While packaged foods is a mature industry, new and improved product offerings, together with an expanding population, provide a basis for industry growth. Although some segments of the restaurant industry have reached saturation levels, the trend toward consuming meals away from home continues upward in the United States.

Revenues from continuing operations increased annually from 1979 through 1989, inclusive. A major decline in total revenues occurred in 1985, as a result of divestment of toy, fashion, and specialty nonapparel retailing operations, and a smaller decline occurred in 1988,

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