Different Media Points of View There is a parable about several blind men who

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There is a parable about several blind men who were put into the same room with an elephant. When asked what type of animal it was, there were as many different answers as there were individuals, yet none of them came up with the answer of elephant. A similar circumstance occurs when the media gets hold of certain stories. Each television station, radio station, and internet service has the capability of creating a story that is quite varied from the original, and may or may not represent reality, as may be seen with what occurred during the 2002 Olympic Figure Skating Competition.

On February 11, 2002 the figure skating competition had been narrowed down so that the Russian team was in close competition with the Canadian team. For the last 38 years, Russia's figure skating teams have won the gold medals during the Winter Olympics. However, many observers assumed after watching the competition that the Canadian team had won the competition, yet it was the Russian team that received the higher marks and won the gold medal (Zeigler, 2002). It is at this point that the different news agencies record several different versions according to their point of view, and so influence the observer on how to judge the outcome of the event.

One point of view that was recorded that night was from the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC). According to their report, "the Russian pair. . . turned in a less than perfect performance and were still awarded higher marks than th

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