Health Promotion Behaviors

This experiment was designed to look at health promotion behaviors and correlate them with the personal profiles given by the subjects of the study. Both the health promotion behaviors and the personal profiles were assessed by having the subjects fill in questionnaires. The questionnaire used to assess health promotion behaviors was the revised Health Promotion Lifestyle Profile (HPLP) II, developed by Walker, Sechrist and Pender (1992). The subjects also filled out a personal profile sheet. The study tried to find statistically significant relationships between the demographics of the subjects and their health promotion behaviors.

For the study to produce any meaningful results, the subjects should have been divided into groups according to age, socio-economic status, health status, availability of recreational facilities, etc. There are too many individual variables among a random group of people such as this for meaningful comparisons to be made. The population selected was a very unique population - African American female churchgoers in one particular mid-western town, attending church on one particular day. This is a very specialized group of people, and so the results of the study would not be applicable outside the sample studied.

The fact that volunteers were sought from seven different churches also presents problems. First, were all the churches of the same denomination? If not, problems could arise in that certain types of people with particular



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