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Rondell Data Corporation

Introduction: Organizations exist to facilitate cooperation among individuals into order to serve the needs of the organization's external customers. The reality is that corporations including Rondell Data Corporation have complex political and social interactions. In some organizations, these interactions can be pleasant and productive, and in others the interplay can be dysfunctional and counter-productive. At Rondell, instances of counterproductive political and social interactions between departments has resulted in a situation in which the company's customers are damaged by the lack of coordination and cooperation that occurs on a daily basis. While the interdependence between and among every department within an organization should be self-evident, at Rondell it is not.

Department managers sometimes believe their functional areas of control operate 'apart from' rather than 'a part of' the larger organization. When one or more department managers fail to appreciate the impact that their actions have on other departments, the results can be chaotic. In a best-case scenario, resources of the company are wasted in an effort to develop and deliver a product or service that meets customer's expectations. In other scenarios, departments are actually operating at cross-purposes, almost guaranteeing the organization's customers will be disappointed with the outcome.

In some cases, companies will go to great lengths and significant expense to correct problems such as these in order to retain customer goodwill. This exercise is wasteful, and it results in increased expenses for companies like Rondell and leads to lower profits and lower overall levels of customer satisfaction. It can also result in a situation in which key managers and other employees may choose to leave the company rather than deal with the stress of the day-to-day infighting that characterizes the company's daily business operations.

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