Appeal of the Film Casablanca

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Since its release in late 1942, the black and white film Casablanca has been a perennial favorite film with audiences (in movie theatres, on TV and video) and critics alike. Viewing the film, the reasons for its ongoing popularity are clear. The characters and the actors who portray them (both stars and supporting cast), the tone of the film, the music, the sparse and memorable dialogue, the story and themes of love, intrigue, self-sacrifice and heroism resonate with audiences. The film has a timeless quality that guarantees it will not go out of fashion as many other films of its era have.

Unfortunately part of the timelessness of the film is based upon the complex world situation since World War II, a world in which the threat and reality of violence, uncertainty and tension exists anew for each generation. The elements in Casablanca of German occupation and Nazi terror, refugees seeking safety, overall confusion and tension, the sacrifice of personal happiness for the greater good, and of course romantic love that lasts "as time goes by," is as real and

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