Freudian view of human nature

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The Freudian view of human nature is basically deterministic. It is based on the belief that our behavior is determined by irrational forces, unconscious motivations, and biological and instinctual drives as these evolve through key psychosexual stages in the first six years of life. I don't care for this type of therapy very much. Too much emphasis is placed on things beyond our control that we cannot change. This type of therapy does not fit in with my personality. I believe that we can take charge of our lives, and that we can make changes. Though our past does affect us, I believe we can move beyond it by understanding it and coming to terms with it. I believe we can learn to accept the things we cannot change about our pasts, and move on to the future, learning from the past, but not dwelling on it, and not letting it influence our present and future lives.

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