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America's Forgotten Citizens

People displaced by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, especially the poor, are America's forgotten citizens. In a CNN report of November 17, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said, "We feel like we are citizens of the United States who are nearly forgotten." Many reasons have been given for the slow response and subsequent lack of adequate services to victims of the storm. Most of the blame falls on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) first for their slow response, and second for their recent announcement that the agency will stop paying hotel bills December 1 for most of the 53,000 families still displaced. Blame is also placed on the administration of President George W. Bush for its lack of immediate aid. The mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, is also criticized for his handling of transportation after the storm hit largely because he failed to provide public transportation to the many poor people, mostly African American, and the elderly and infirm who lacked cars


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