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Effective Public Relations

"There is no such thing as bad PR," or so the saying goes; but from a business standpoint, or even political stance, effective public relations is essential to the success of the company, or strategic campaign. There is such a thing as bad PR if it does not accomplish a company's objective, positions a company or individual in the wrong light, or works to harm business rather than help it.

An organization should care deeply about the image it portrays to major stakeholders, to current and potential customers, employees, investors/funders, suppliers, and local and state agencies, etc. The image portrayed can turn people against an organization in a heartbeat, but effective PR can build business and enhance perception in ways new products or services could not achieve.

Effective PR accomplishes three major objectives: 1) it positions a company or individual to enhance public perception, 2) it is strategic in whom it targets and the methods used for targeting, and 3) it creates the right image to achieve the desired results. Some of the primary benefits to effective PR campaigns or initiatives are:

1) Creating and maintaining a favorable public opinion. A company must use a variety of tools to accomplish their corporate objectives; however, advertising and marketing will not suffice if used alone. A strong campaign will incorporate the PR through targeted channels, either via print, the Web, sponsorships, spokesman, seminars, and other types of conventional mediums. P


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