Self-Esteem and Group Identity

If we see someone else as belonging to the same group we are in, we tend to have a positive view towards them, and give them preferential treatment (In-Group, 2005). They are in our "in-group." This occurs because self-esteem is built through belonging, and the presence of someone from the in-group reminds us that we belong to that group also. The in-group linguistic bias occurs when out-group people are described in abstract terms, meant to depersonify them, when they perform some task which is a stereotype of the out-group. Studies showed that when people were randomly divided into groups, they rapidly found in-group people preferable to out-group people, even finding rational arguments about how unpleasant and immoral the out-group people were.

We classify people not in our group as "out-group" and being similar to one another (Out-group, 2005). We tend to see them as being all alike, whereas we see the in-group as individuals. In a research study, students predicted that students from their own college would have a wide variety of tastes in music, bu



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