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Essays on Career Counseling

As Zunker points out, the career counseling field has had to expand and broaden in order to meet the needs of continually changing and diverse workplace. In addition to meeting the needs of the workplace, however, career counselors are also including the mental health and well-being of their individual clients in their roles as advisors (2002). These demands on career counselors have produced a more integrated approach to the field requiring more extensive training and assessment skills. For example, some skills required by the counselor could include "diagnosing symptoms of depression àinterviewing àanxiety-reduction programs àand career decision-making procedures" (Zunker, 2002, p. 7). When assessing what is right for the client, the counselor must help the client û an individual û reevaluate goals, change values, and develop abilities. Some of the suggested courses to take could include "stress-reduction exercises, drug therapy, physical activity programs, and interpersonal skills training" (p. 7), or combinations of these and other options. As Zunker points out, "getting a lifetime job in our postbureaucratic society is no longer probable" (p. 5). Therefore, the client and the counselor must work together to create an adaptable, integrative approach that will meet the needs of the client within the workforce. Writing Assignment 2:

Super, Holland, and Krumboltz have varying approaches in assessing and matching up the needs of the individual with


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