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Letter Requesting Exemption from English Courses

English is my second language. However, I have had sufficient practice, including turning in a number of essays for which I received high marks, to seek exemption from further English courses. Practice may not make things perfect, but samples of my work, which I will submit, should prove that I am fluent, have a wide range of English vocabulary and should therefore be excused from Composition I and II.

My reasons, frankly, are a bit selfish. I want that time to take other courses that will benefit my future and my career.

There is also a problem that I need to explain and have expunged from my record. In the summer of 2003, I took an on-line English class, through Washington State University. I was told by the professor at the time that my papers were good, and he approved of my use of English. However, when I sent hard copies of the assignments through regular mail, for some reason, the school never received them, and I received an "F" grade for the class.

I will show, in the attached self-assessment essay, that the required writing was done. Of course, I am seeking to appeal the grade. But, until this issue is totally resolved, without further explanation, I shall be forced to attend the required Composition courses.

This misunderstanding, or failure for the hard copies to arrive at Washington State should, however, not keep me from seeking a course exemption. Copies of my work, including excerpts in my individual assessment, offer proof of my English capabilities.

I look forward to a favorable decision, so I can better utilize my time for courses that directly influence and affect my planned career. Thank you for taking the time to give some attention to my request.

The purpose of a university education is to expand one's horizons. This means delving into subjects that otherwise may not even be considered in terms of focusing sharply on an intended career. Fo


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