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Letter Requesting Exemption from English Courses

English is my second language. However, I have had sufficient practice, including turning in a number of essays for which I received high marks, to seek exemption from further English courses. Practice may not make things perfect, but samples of my work, which I will submit, should prove that I am fluent, have a wide range of English vocabulary and should therefore be excused from Composition I and II.

My reasons, frankly, are a bit selfish. I want that time to take other courses that will benefit my future and my career.

There is also a problem that I need to explain and have expunged from my record. In the summer of 2003, I took an on-line English class, through Washington State University. I was told by the professor at the time that my papers were good, and he approved of my use of English. However, when I sent hard copies of the assignments through regular mail, for some reason, the school never received them, and I received an "F" grade for the class.

I will show, in the attached self-assessment essay, that the required writing was done. Of course, I am seeking to appeal the grade. But, until this issue is totally resolved, without further explanation, I shall be forced to attend the required Composition courses.

This misunderstanding, or failure for the hard copies to arrive at Washington State should, however, not keep me from seeking a course exemption. Copies of my work, including excerpts in my individual assessment, offer proof of my English capabilities.


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