Forgiving My Father

The poem of forgiveness written by Lucille Clifton (1987) entitled Forgiving My Father reads like something other than forgiving. Instead, the poem focuses on the negative qualities of Clifton's father, a man who appears to have sorely abused both his wife and daughter through his own irresponsibility. Instead of forgiving her father, the poet seems to berate him in this work though she does come to some form of acceptance over his past abuses toward her and her mother. She informs us he is no longer her responsibility, telling us that he and her mother "were each other's bad bargain, not mine" (Clifton, 1987, p. 322). In this manner, the poet comes to peace over painful memories of her father but she does not seem to truly forgive him.

Clifton (1987) uses a number of poetic devices in order to reinforce the theme in Forgiving My Father that her dad was a pretty awful husband and father. The poet appears to be haunted by the painful memories of her father's abuses to her and her mother. To reinforce this feeling, the poet provides her speaker with figures of speech such as simile. She informs us of her father, "all week you have stood in my dreams / like a ghost, asking for more time" (Clifton, 1987, p. 322).

The poet also uses figures of speech in her use of metaphor. In essence, as she recollects the painful memories of her father's neediness and lechery, she uses the image of an accountant and economic metaphors. She tells u



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