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Marketing Tools Used on Sports Shoe Sites

Marketing Tools Used on Sports Shoe Sites

Three of the top names in sports shoesNike, Reebox, and Adidashave web sites where their products can be purchased online. A study of these web sites reveals the marketing tools and approaches each company uses to market its products, as well as the type of customer service each offers.

At Nike's "Niketown" web site,, the most prominently featured shoe is the Nike Air Max 360, which is pictured with its apt slogan, "Run on Air." To invite the browsing customer to take a closer look at the shoe, the ad provides the option to click on "Explore the lightest and most cushioned Air Max shoe ever at" Clicking on the line or the arrow that follows brings up a full-page ad for the shoe. Macromedia Flash Player is used to provide a multimedia ad for the Air Max 360, showing it suspended several thousand feet above the earth, above the cloud layer, surrounded by style variations of the model, with new age music lending to the feel of space travel. The scene is captioned with "Air Max 360: Explore the world's most cushioned ride." The shoe's name, slogan, and picture of the shoe hovering above the clouds convey very effectively the air-cushioned aspect of the shoe, suggesting that it feels like running on clouds.

The other two shoes featured on the home page are the Nike Shox and the Nike Shox 2:40, which the fine print underneath says can be customized. Clicking on


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