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Negative Impact of Mobile Phones

Although the convenience of being able to call from any location at any time is undeniable, the impact of mobile phones on our lifestyles and our health is predominantly negative.

Mobile phones are potentially one of the most dangerous devices on the market today, and yet even children use them. Many consumers are not aware that a significant number of mobile phones explode during use:

Curtis Sathre said it was like a bomb going off. His 13-year-old son Michael stood stunned, his ears ringing, hand gushing blood and body covered in black ash. In a split secondàfragments from MichaelÆs exploding cell phone had hit him between the eyes and lodged in the ceiling of the familyÆs homeà (CBS News, 2004).

Specialists say that explosions can occur due to defective batteries or overheating, but using the wrong type of batteries or charger can also precipitate an explosion. Dropping a fully charged phone or using it in severely cold temperatures is equally dangerous (CBS News, 2004).

As if exploding mobile phones werenÆt enough, the radiation emanating from mobile phones can cause pacemakers to malfunction. That radiation also penetrates deeply into the brain of the user, causing chromosomal damage and possibly cancer. The radiation dose from mobile phone use inside an automobile is alarmingly high. According to David Morehouse:

Placing a cell phone call in your car is like sitting inside of a microwave oven. When you use the phone in the car, the shielding and tinting in newer automobiles causes the electromagnetic waves to bounce back and forth inside the cabin of the vehicle, exposing yourself and your passengers to increased levels of electromagnetic radiation (Morehouse).

A number of studies show a statistically significant correlation between brain cancer deaths and mobile phone use. A new Swedish study shows people who have used mobile phones for ten years or more may have a greater chance of develo...

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