The Happiest Day in My Life

The happiest day in my life started out looking like it would be the worst. I had taken my much-loved dog to the emergency clinic the night before, and she had been diagnosed with severe pancreatitis. She had to spend the night at the clinic, with i.v.'s going all night long, and the vet there told me that her condition was extremely serious. I loved this dog with all my heart. She had been with me through some terrible life circumstances, and she had become precious to me through the years. I just could not stand the thought of losing her. I prayed for her through the night, and when I went to pick her up at the clinic the next morning, she came trotting out on her leash with the vet smiling. I thought all was well.

After an emergency room visit, owners must take their dogs to their regular vet. So I drove her straight from the clinic to the vet's office. However, my vet was not there ye



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