Group Psychology: Conformity and Obedience Compare and Contrast

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The effect of group influence on the self can be profound, often resulting in conformity and obedience to the group, even when such behavior is against the individual's personal desires or ethics. This paper will examine the effect of group influence on the self and will compare and contrast the concepts of conformity and obedience.

Choi, Price, and Vinokur (2003, p. 358) identify two ways that group influence can affect an individual's efficacy beliefs. The first is via the individual's personal experiences as a part of the group, and the second is what the authors call "a cross-level process" in which the characteristics of the group exert an influence (Choi, Price, & Vinokur, 2003, p. 358). The authors cite Hackman's (1992, as cited in Choi, Price, & Vinokur, 2003, p. 358) observation that members of a group are both exposed to and infl

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