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Tourism in Asia Tourism is an industry that many cou

Tourism is an industry that many countries seek to encourage because of the large amount of foreign exchange it develops without requiring large amounts of natural resources or direct government expenditures. In developing countries, tourism can serve to introduce foreign visitors to the country and may result in increased business activity down the line. In addition to foreign tourism, various locations within countries seek to promote their own areas as sites for domestic travel, again to attract the traveler's money. Tourism encourages a wide variety of businesses, such as hotels, tour operators and restaurants, and helps supports ancillary businesses, such as retail sales and local industry. This research examines the various social, cultural and environmental factors that influence tourism in three Asian countries: Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

In 1991, Taiwan expected approximately 2 million visitors each year, almost half of whom were from Japan. American visitors accounted for approximately 15 percent of the country's tourists in that year (Chi-Kuo, September 23, 1991, p. 66). One of the difficulties that Taiwan faces in attracting American visitors is the increasing strength of the Taiwan dollar relative to the American dollar. The Taiwanese dollar appreciated against the American dollar steadily since 1985. This means that American visitors have watched prices in Taiwan increase relative to their previous levels. Without a commensurate increase in the perceived value of the tourist experience, American visitors are likely to take their tourist business elsewhere where they can receive higher value.

To combat this situation, Taiwan has modified its market promotion methods, and has also changed the emphasis of those promotions. In order to attract leisure visitors, the country is emphasizing its Taipei Lantern Festival, which attracted more than 2 million individuals in 1991. This festival is held two weeks after ...

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