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The Beatles

The Beatles were four gifted musicians from Liverpool, England who were responsible for breaking more ground and revolutionizing more techniques in the rock and roll industry than any band in history. The fascinating discovery is that the Beatles were not the "overnight" success phenomenon that most Americans thought they were. Instead, they were a carefully planned and organized business machine - one uniquely determined to bring the message of "All You Need Is Love" to Americans everywhere. This paper will explore the phenomenon of this British rock group in the context of the turbulent decade of the sixties. Musical, social, and psychological impact will be analyzed in an attempt to assess the Beatle's extremely popular appeal. A conclusion will discuss the capacity of rock and roll as a regenerator and revitalizing force for a stagnant society.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney never took guitar lessons. They were so poor that when they finally scraped the money together to purchase their own guitars, they taught themselves the rudimentary skills of the instruments. From this inauspicious origin, these two primary members of the "Fabulous Four" would take Great Britain and America by storm within less than four years, while establishing themselves as millionaires for life. Brian Epstein took the Beatles from four unknown local lads in playing small London pubs, to international recording superstars. Epstein recalls on first impression; "I saw four boys with very little stage presentation - they had scrubby haircuts, and scrubby clothes, but a good sense of humor and an appealing beat" (Hoffman 7).

After booking them on the Ed Sullivan show the Beatles were made. Ed Sullivan had never even heard of this group which had achieved for the first time, the selling of a million copies of an album before it was even released. Yet, in Hoffman's The Beatle Book, Sullivan recounts that: "It struck me as the same type of mass ...

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