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Issues of Political and Economic Deveopment

Political scientists and economists view the issues of political development and the importance of economic development therein in slightly different ways, though each sees a relationship between the political and economic realms and finds indeed that decisions made in the political realm affects economic development, while economic development may help determine what stage of political development a given nation reaches at a given time. The history of economic and political development shows a progression from pre-economic structures to the industrialized and modern economic and political systems of the developed world, often contrasted with what are seen as the more primitive characteristics of the underdeveloped or non-developed worlds still existing today. The distance between the developed and the underdeveloped worlds has been a source of major conflict, and one of the roles for the political scientists is not merely to explain this but to identify elements which can be changed in the underdeveloped world to improve economic conditions, reduce tensions, and bring the underdeveloped regions into the modern and developed world.

Heilbroner points out the importance of economic development in any human community, noting first that while mankind does not live by bread alone, bread is an essential ingredient for life. He says that economics is the study of a process found in all human societies, and that the central economic problem is the process for providing for the material well-being of society. Yet societies cannot provide for themselves in equal degrees, for they depend on the natural resources available, the population they have amassed, the skills of that population, and so on. This leads to another important element in economic development, the division of labor and how it is organized and controlled in a given society. Heilbroner points to this as the answer to the paradox that makes up economic society--as we move...

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