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Personal Life-Learning Experiences

This paper will analyze the various concepts and lessons which I learned from some personal life-learning experiences. Each of this paper's three parts will explore a different aspect of a specific life-learning experience. In analyzing each aspect of a life-learning experience, this paper will examine the four elements of Kolb's Model of Experimental Learning. Thus, the development of the concepts learned from each aspect of the life-learning experiences will include a discussion of the concrete experience, followed by some reflective observations about that concrete experience and the application of abstract concepts to the experience. Each aspect of the life-learning experiences will include a final section in which new principles are applied to show how I can use the learned concepts in other areas.

The first aspect of the lessons I learned after confronting a family crisis which this paper will explore includes how I learned about an illness which frequently affects infants called Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, is a respiratory virus which presents many of the same symptoms as a common cold and is usually contracted by children during winter months.

After my infant son, Antonio Pasquariello III, began exhibiting symptoms of a common cold, my wife and I took Antonio III to his local pediatrician. Unfortunately, the pediatrician improperly diagnosed the virus as a mere common cold and sent Antonio, my wife and I back home. However, after the child returned home, his symptoms never improved. Instead, our young boy began coughing more severely and refused to eat. I became gravely concerned about my son's health. Within a few days, Antonio had lost a lot of weight and consequently became very weak. Then my son's breathing became abnormal, and, thus, my wife and I began to suspect that something else was wrong with Antonio.

By February 8, 1995, Antonio's breathing probl...

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