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Internet Web Sites

1. All five of the sites explored offered devices for communication access. Dynavox provides different kinds of interactive keyboards which can be used by those with communication difficulties. The Prentke site also offers different types of keyboards for use by the disabled. Mayer-Johnson provides books with activities and a head mouse for use with a Dynavox system. Trace Center provides a wide range of products for making a "more usable world." Closing the Gap is a resource directory for assistive technologies.

Trace Center provided the most products and information for assistive technology, with general information on design principles, UD standards, laws, requirements and other governmental efforts. It provides document access, websites, computers and software, telecommunications devices, kiosks, ATMs and ITMs, consumer products, EZ Access Interface techniques and modality translation. It also provides tools and resources for access, an online universal design/evaluation tool, an online accessibility components resource list, an online product design ideas browser, a training program and other disability resources:

Closing the Gap is an interesting site because it is a one-stop resource site for many things related to assistive technologies, such as a product directory, conferences, forums and newsletters which give information about its services and available assistive technology. All this information is available at the one website instead of having to visit several sites.

2. The San Diego Assistive Technology Center/Augmentative Communications page offers opportunities to learn about assistive technologies by hands-on exploration of a wide variety of computer hardware and software that has been adapted for access by the handicapped. The software library loans software and adaptive hardware (TouchWindows, IntelliKeys, Computer Switch Interfaces etc.) to


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