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This research paper will present alternative treatments for cancer. Included in the discussion will be effectiveness and comparison with conventional approaches, techniques, and diet and quality of life.

Effectiveness & Comparison with Conventional Approaches. Effectiveness of alternative treatments for cancer have not been proven and none have been found to cure cancer, however both nontraditional as well as traditional therapies are considered. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has established a research program, the Center for Alternative Medicine Research in Cancer (Benjamin, Simone, Traub, & D'Epiro, 1998, p. 53).

A concern about alternative treatments is the false lure toward them as a cure for cancer, as is the case for the still popular Laetrile treatment, a synthetic derivative of amygdalin which is a constituent in the seeds of fruits and nuts such as apricots and apples. The use of antineoplastons is another example of a nonproven cancer therapy (Benjamin et al., p. 56).

Nutritional and plant-based medicines, although appealing due to their benign effects, as compared to conventional treatments, remain an inexact science with regard to cancer cure. Their actions, interactions, and effects remain unknown and their use may carry risks that many are not aware of. Proponents of alternative medicines agree that extreme approaches need to be avoided, however, many techniques are useful to maximize the immune system (Benjamin et al., 1998, pp. 56-58).

Conventional therapies include surgery and chemotherapy, with drugs such as Compazine or Zofran for nausea (Hamilton, 2000, p. 257). Radiotherapy is considered the most effective curative treatment for cancer after surgery (Burnet, Benson, Williams, & Peacock, 2000, p. 198). New drugs for the relief of nausea and fatigue resulting from chemotherapy are being sought. The tachykinin neurokinin NKI receptor antagonists are conside


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