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Classroom Management Techniques

Tonnsen and Patterson (1992) highlight the importance of classroom management in education by noting that new teachers often enter the profession expecting to accomplish what the veteran teacher has been doing for years, with equal success and equal lack of support. However, the authors state, that because of inadequate preparation not in instructional skills or abilities but rather in classroom management strategies, most beginning teachers discover that they are spending too little time teaching and too much time managing student behavior.

The purpose of this paper is to examine classroom management techniques for their effects, if any, on various measures of student behavior, motivation, and productivity.

Montero-Sieburth (1989) has defined classroom management techniques as attempts by the classroom teacher to use the human and material resources already present as a means of improving both the quality and the quantity of learning. The author states that:

The relevance of classroom management, which emphasizes teaching in relation to management and uses instructional materials and teacher-managed time to promote learning...(is highly important to education because) is the teacher as a classroom manager who has the greatest influence on learning (p.1)

Montero-Sieburth (1989) goes on to note that classroom management strengthens the teacher's knowledge of his or her role. She also states that by becoming more aware of this role and of the interactive aspects of the teaching-learning process, teachers can enhance students' ability to learn.

Coppedge and Exendine (1987) have stated that classroom management techniques can be divided into two broad categories. The first category consists of methods involved in creating a classroom atmosphere more conducive to learning by making the classroom an orderly, inviting place; in other words, this category consists of strategies aimed at reducing and/or eliminatin...

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