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Public Opinion & Legalization of Marijuana

The purpose of this study was be to examine the trends in public opinion toward the issue of the legalization of the use of marijuana. The research performed for this study focused on the identification of recent (19731987) historical trends in public attitudes toward the legalization of marijuana use, and the social and political reasons underlying these trends. The goal of this literature review was to provide a basis for assessment of the research performed.

In developing a basis for the assessment of the research performed for this study, literature was reviewed in relation to four major areas of relevant interest. The first of these relevant interest areas is the public health perspective within which the marijuana issue exists. The overall drug problem in the United States, of which marijuana uses is but a part, is the second relevant interest area. The issues involved in the drug legalization controversy in the United States constitute the third relevant interest area. Lastly, the longterm history of the role of marijuana in American society is reviewed. Where the research performed for this study deals specifically with recent (19731987) historical trends in public attitudes towards marijauna, this section of the literature review considers comparable trends in such attitudes prior to 1973.

The Public Health Perspective Marijuana use, as a public issue, experienced a metamorphosis in the mid1960s, in which the American establishment which is violently opposed to the legalization of marijuana, transformed the use of marijuana from a public safety issue to a public health issue (Bonnie and Whitebread, 1975). Data pertaining to the dangers to public safety posed by marijuana use were emerging in the 1960s which eroded to federal government's position visavis marijuana use; therefore, rather than accept a factual repudiation of its arguments, government redefined the issue in within the context of public he...

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