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A Sand County Almanac Illustrated

The work of Aldo Leopold in A Sand County Almanac Illustrated is utterly beautiful from both photographic and poetic perspectives. The book is filled with Leopold’s personal observations and experiences of the environment and all its beauty in Sand County. The numerous photographs that illustrate each section of the book are of high quality and are often stunning and thought-provoking in nature. Each section of the book is devoted to a different month of the year as the author believes each month’s holds its own natural treasures to discover and behold. Each section of the book is also devoted to a different type of environment from marshes and meadows to pastures and woods. Despite the exquisite photographs and different environments, perhaps the most beautiful part of the book is the author’s writing which somehow becomes a part of the environment. Using flowery language, personification, and other tools out of the poet’s toolkit Leopold writes beautiful descriptions of his naturalistic observations and experiences. The impact of this is to make the experience and the writer one with nature almost on a level of some of Walt Whitman’s poetry in Song of Myself. The following description of the “sky dance” that Leopold observes ritually at dusk is ample evidence: “The show begins on the first warm evening in April at exactly 6:50 p.m. The curtain goes up one minute later each day until 1 June, when the time is 7:50. This sliding scale is dictated by vanity, the dancer demanding a romantic light intensity...Do not be late, lest he fly away in a huff. The stage props, like the opening hour, reflect the temperamental demands of the performer” (Leopold 46).

Leopold’s book is an excellent part of the environmental contract project. This is because his profound appreciation for nature is not only obvious but useful for others who hope to appreciate nature as fully. Leopold not only provides beautiful photog...

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