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Disabled & Employment

There have been many research studies conducted into the numerous benefits both people with and without disabilities receive from maintaining gainful long-term employment. However, for those suffering from disabilities, many elements may play a role in their ability to gain and maintain long-term regular employment. For example, the type of disability, the age of on-set and the severity of a disability can all play a role in affecting an individual’s ability to secure and keep regular employment. The rights of people with disabilities to find and secure regular employment is protected under the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, “the right of people with disabilities to work is affirmed and protected by legislation that defines the population in question and underscores the importance of establishing and funding training and employment services to this group. For example, Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (PL 93-112) calls for affirmative action in recruiting, training, hiring, compensating and/or promoting people with disabilities,” (Malakpa, 1994: 1).

There are many benefits which accrue to both the employer and the handicapped worker when they are able to find and maintain regular employment. However, there are many barriers to entry into the regular workforce for handicapped individuals seeking work. For example, employer attitudes and fears can inhibit the process. As already discussed, the nature and severity of the handicap can also greatly impeded the process (i.e., incapable of performing most types of work; requiring special equipment to perform normal tasks; lack of workstation design to incorporate the needs of the handicapped employee, etc.). However, with an effective effort between the handicapped employee, the employer, the federal, state and local agencies who assist the handicapped, and the families of the handicapped employee can all add work together to achieve amazing su...

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