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Icons Britney Spears

Adolescence and the decade of your 20s have got to be the most difficult and threatening or potentially successful periods of development of your life cycle. Only adolescents, those in their 20s, and those who do not develop properly think otherwise. Because of this, it is an almost inherent human quality to look for support mechanisms during these chaotic and formative developmental phases. In all societies and cultures since the beginning of time, Icons have served as such support mechanisms. From the Greek gods to the Archetypes of Jung, such support mechanisms are what Nietzsche argues we need to dispose of in order to be free. Nevertheless, the mass majority of us are unable to walk across the room without some kind of support mechanism. Icons on one level act as not only a support mechanism, but, if we relate to them on an identifiable level that allows us to think we just might be able to be like them, then they are also able to serve as positive role models, motivators, and surrogate parents, peers, educators, lovers, and ideals. Britney Spears is a contemporary icon who functions in such a capacity.

The 20-year-old pop singing sensation known as Britney Spears was born on December 2, 1981, in Kentwood, Louisiana (Furmaniak 1). A dominating force of pop music and pop culture, Britney acts as a role model and cherished icon for millions of young girls and boys around the world. If we study an image of Britney that is one of the frames from the World Cup 2000 Pepsi commercial she did, we can see how society is defined by its icons as much as how icons help define society and culture. In the image of Britney available at music/britney/sweepstakes/index.html, we see many ways in which Britney is used as an icon. She is used in this image to sell American patriotism, idealized youth, music, clothes, and Pepsi. Britney is first and foremost a pop star and her singing pose and microphone in...

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