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Internet & Travel Agencies

The Internet and Online services have had a profound impact on business over the past two decades. None has been so profoundly impacted as the Travel Agency industry. Presently, those in the travel agency industry are scrambling to deal with the economic and physical changes wrought by the advent of Online travel agents and travel accommodations sites. The Internet and Online services are becoming more popular with consumers at an amazing rate. In 1999 alone, “More than 16 million Americans used the Internet to book airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars and package tours—a whopping 146 percent increase over 1998” (Seaberry 1).

There are many benefits to using the Internet and Online services to book travel accommodations. The Internet offers consumers a wide array of services from which to choose, allows them to compare the least expensive rates for similar services, and many major airlines have begun offering frequent flyer miles and bonuses for those who book air travel via the Internet. This has not only cut into the profits of travel agents from a consumer perspective but also from the corporate end, a major source of travel agency annual revenues. Like booksellers, the Internet has taken the intermediary like the travel agent out of the picture. The travel agency is already besieged by shrinking profits and growing competition within the industry. Now, with the advent of booking travel accommodations via the Internet, the industry risks losing even more annual revenue. In a study conducted by Jupiter Communications, the impact of industry trends and the Internet have presented the travel agency industry with the following three challenges to overcome: “Travel’s agenda will focus on the ways in which the Web is changing the travel business, including the disintermediation of the traditional travel agencies, the future of big-ticket leisure travel products such as cruises, tours, and reports, and the conti...

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