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Mandatory Periodical Sources


In addition to Web Sites, Webzines, Government Databases, Books, and other select research sources, the following is a list of the magazines, journals, and newspapers from which your research will be culled.

If you request MANDATORY sources that are not on this list, you will need to do one of the following:

a) Give us your Username and Password to an Internet Database that offers the publications you request;

b) Locate the articles and FEDEX them to writer or FAX.

AVAILABLE SOURCES (Please keep in mind that while these sources are AVAILABLE this does not guarantee YOUR TOPIC will be covered in particular ones you might request):

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

Cambridge Work-Group Computing Report

The Daily News (Taranaki, New Zealand)

The Dominion (Wellington, New Zealand)

The Evening Post (Wellington, New Zealand)

The Evening Standard (Manawatu, New Zealand)

Indian Country Today (Lakota Times)

Inter Press Service English News Wire

Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, The

The Nelson Mail (Nelson, New Zealand)

Northern California Jewish Bulletin

Panorama Pittsburgh's International Newspaper

The Press (Canterbury, New Zealand)


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