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The purpose of anthropology

The purpose of anthropology is to study the origin, behavior, as well as the physical, social, and cultural development of humans throughout history and in different cultures. This study can take the form of fieldwork, academic study, research, as well as curation of collections located in universities and museums. The intent of this paper will be to outline the plans to build a new anthropology museum with a $3 million dollar budget connected with a state university in the Southeastern United States, specifically the state of Georgia. In particular, this essay will examine how to build this museum, what type of museum this should be, how to balance the research and exhibit goals of the museum, as well as discuss staffing, collections, funding, and museum design and layout.

Because the museum will be connected to the Anthropology Department of the university, the university Board of Directors has approved land grant of university property, principally the land on which stands the three original 18th century structures from the origins of the university to be renovated and incorporated into the museum design. In addition, the museum has won a $3 million grant to begin the building of the museum, as well as the design and layout of the surrounding grounds. Because this is a continuing and long-term project and only a fraction of the university's budget will go to support the museum on an ongoing basis, the museum is also researching further grant programs and other means of appropriating funds.

The main building of the museum will be located in the middle of the property, in what used to be known as the commons, and be built along the same architectural designs as the original 18th century buildings on the property. It will be a two story structure and, similar to other museums, will allocate approximately half of the floor space to exhibits, research project storage, and


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