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Personal Essay

Inspired by my unwavering belief in the effectiveness of marital and family therapy in improving the quality of the lives of people from all walks of life, I feel fortunate to possess the attributes of a good therapist. I enjoy using innovative therapeutic approaches, especially the solution-focused therapy and narrative therapy, to empower my clients to address their challenges in life. Based on my past experiences with young children aged from nine to 15, as well as young adults, I consider my work as a therapist to be my true calling. Each one of us is blessed with unique qualities and skills, which enable us to contribute to society. In my case, my ability to forge strong connections with my clients by encouraging them to explore positive stories in their lives has reaffirmed my perception that I have the potential to become an outstanding therapist.

As a marriage and family therapist, my primary focus is on relationships, especially the relationships between children/adolescents and their parents. According to Berg and Gallagher (1989), the treatment of children and adolescents cannot be formulated without taking into account the perspectives of the parents. Only by achieving a compromise among the family members will the clients be successful in realizing their treatment goals (p. 97). I would need to understand the characteristics of the relationships between my clients and their family members because the latter plays a significant role in helping or undermining the development of my clients. For instance, adolescent drug abusers who are habituated to criticisms from their parents will have difficulties adopting an alternative perspective of their self-image and their future (Berg & Gallagher, 1989, pp. 101-2). Therefore, in these instances, I may have to turn my attention to my clients' parents to encourage them to modify their behavior so as to create a positive environment for change (Berg & Gallagher, 1989, pp...

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