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Community Oriented Policing

This paper examined the utilization of the community oriented policing and problem solving (COPPS) approach by the police and the community and assessed its effectiveness. The first section of this paper comprised the discussion of the interrelated concepts of community-oriented policing (COP) and problem- oriented policing (POP), as well as a problem-solving system known as S.A.R.A. (scanning, analysis, response, assessment). The concise exploration of these concepts revealed its deviation from the traditional law enforcement approach. Unlike the traditional approach in which the police officers arrest the perpetrator, the COP and POP approaches require police officers to be actively involved within the community. Together with members of the community, police officers identify the underlying causes and the characteristics of the problem in order to devise comprehensive solutions that will prevent its occurrence. Moreover, this approach requires the integration of the resources of the police and the local community. The assessment of the effectiveness of the COPPS indicated that police departments had failed to use the funding for COPPS activities. Nonetheless, some police departments in cities across the countries have utilized the COPPS approach to deal with problems such as drug violations successfully. The discussion indicated that the commitment to the concept of COPPS and the police-community partnership is ultimately crucial to the effectiveness of this approach.

In spite of the fact that the United States (U.S.) still exceeds many other industrialized nations in overall crime and violent crime, it has been effective in decreasing its crime rate, particularly during the 1990s. While some coalitions have attributed this positive development to changes in socio-demographic trends and rigid enforcement approaches, one coalition highlights the success of the community-oriented policing (COP) and problem-oriented polici...

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