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Strategic Leadership This paper will dis

This paper will discuss the elements of strategic leadership and analyze them in the light of two specific examples: the tenure of Admiral Daniel Boorda as Chief of Naval Operations and the experiences of the New York Air National Guard with female pilots. The first part of the paper will present the elements of strategic leadership, while the second part of the paper will apply them to the two examples.

Strategic leadership differs from operational leadership in several respects. Operational, or direct, leadership is primarily concerned with the employment of force in particular situations. Operational art flows from policy decisions and strategy formulated and articulated at the national and theater levels. Thus, the operational leadership need only be concerned with how to translate these policies and strategies into military action with the tools available. Strategic art, on the other hand, is concerned with the formulation, coordination, and application of objectives, courses of action, and supporting resources to promote and defend the national interests. Consequently, strategic leaders must embrace a larger vision than the operational leader; he or she must be able to visualize the beginning and end, the whole and the individual parts, as a single entity (Chilcoat, 1995, pp. 1-3).

Over the years, many academics and commentators have posited models for strategic and executive-level leadership. All of these models have been similar in constitution, emphasizing characteristics which transcend the skills required of operational leaders. One model states that leaders at all levels (direct, organizational, and executive) must possess skills in three broad areas: technical knowledge and skills required in the position, interpersonal/communication knowledge and skills, and conceptual skills. The executive leader must place more emphasis upon building conceptual skills than maintaining technical skills (which are more impo...

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